Bolivia maintains economic sustainability despite salary increase

“In a responsible manner, without jeopardizing economic sustainability, and without jeopardizing the social stability that we enjoy in the country, the salary increase has been determined,” he said in comments to Radio Patria Nueva.

The head of the agency of the ministry attached to the file of economy and finance explained that in order to increase salaries, the national and international situation was analyzed.

He added that with regard to the first aspect, the results of government policies implemented since President Luis Ars came to power in November 2020 have been taken into account.

Mamani indicated that an increase of three percent on the basic salary and four percentage points of the national minimum has been set.

Expanding on the subject, he commented that the four percent to the national minimum is retroactive as in the previous government’s efforts.

Regarding the application of only 3 percent to the public health and education sectors, he stressed that in 2020 and 2021 the health field was facing people and this measure is a mechanism to renew their purchasing power and an incentive.

Regarding the teachers, he stressed that throughout this stage they were beaten and severely paralyzed.

Regarding the salaries of other public activities such as the police, armed forces, ministries and the Legislative Council, among others, he stressed that “they must continue to promote economic recovery in the context of austerity policy.

“On the other hand, in the case of the private sector, the employer has to negotiate on the basis of three percent with his workers,” he said.

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Mamani clarified that municipalities, governments and independent universities will determine with their workers the increase after assessing their financial situation without jeopardizing their investments.

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