Bolivia expects a 5.1% increase in GDP by 2022

The Bolivian minister expected an investment of 32,913 dollars, of which 16.6 percent was for public works

Bolivia’s Minister of Economy and Public Finance, Marcelo Montenegro, estimated on Friday that gross domestic product would see a 5.1 percent increase above the regional economic growth rate, at the same time he planned to invest 235.090 million Bolivians. ($32,913).

Montenegro explained that among the strategies used to achieve significant development of the Bolivian economy, the payment of bonds against hunger, which contributed four billion bolivianos ($571 million).

According to the executive, the collection of value-added tax on imports will be suspended for a year, in order to boost production capacity, as the implementation of the tax on large wealth (IGF) raised 240 million Bolivianos ($33.6 million).

“Many sectors have been reactivated, which is evidenced by the value of sales in restaurant bills, with 36 percent of the collection recovered; as well as air transport with 49 percent; and the head of the Ministry of Economy and Public Finance explained that the percentage of hotels is 38 percent.”

Similarly, the official explained that tax income increased by 14 percent, to 44 million bolivianos ($6.16 million) from 38 million bolivianos ($5.32 million) collected in 2020.

It should be noted that the International Monetary Fund expects, in this sense, that the South American country will experience four percent economic growth next year; While the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and the World Bank estimate 3.5%.

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