Blow to Florentino and Laporta: The UK will ban Premier League clubs from being part of the Premier League

The UK will establish a regulatory body to monitor clubs so they do not play in “unsanctioned competitions”.

The Super League has been returned to the European football agenda following the request made by Florentino Pérez in his presentation to the General Assembly held at Real Madrid on Saturday 11 November.

Justice will be issued next December and we will see if it is workable. However, the authorities of interested clubs impose their ideas, such as the case of Florentino Pérez and Joan Laporta, president of FC Barcelona.

However, they will likely not be able to count on the support of Premier League teams due to a decree that is about to expire in the UK.

It will be football law that will prevent English clubs from joining a potential European Super League.

This idea involves creating an independent organization that will oversee the management of the teams, control potential future acquisitions and ensure that money “flows to the base of the pyramid”, to prevent historical teams in lower categories from ending up closing due to lack of income. .

This measure can also be understood as a mechanism to avoid new purchases of equipment by Arab sheikhs and other multi-millionaire foreign business groups, although it will not touch acquisitions that have already been made.

Likewise, the regulatory body will have the power to withdraw the operating license from clubs that “participate in unlicensed competitions,” in an apparent reference to the European Premier League, which the so-called “Big Six” (Manchester United and Liverpool) initially tried to join. (Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham, and Arsenal).

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