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The mariposa plant is native to South America and is an edible perennial species, although its strongest feature is that its leaves and flowers close like umbrellas at night. The scientific name is Oxalis triangleis, although it is also known as purple clover, love plant, butterfly plant, lucky clover, and cupid. It is said to be one of those plants that by nature attract good luck, making it one of the most powerful amulets in gardening. Purple is hard to resist. This is kind of weird, hard to get. Like the green four-leaf clover, this clover is associated with good luck, abundance, and prosperity. Although, unlike others, purple clover is associated with friendly, kind, optimistic and good-natured people.

It was Emily Bronte A passionate writer, she was more active than her sisters and fellow writers Charlotte and Anne. In fact, much of his passion can be seen in the pages of his novel Wuthering Heights. And since in Victorian society everything related to sentiment was deeply frowned upon, the novel was not well received. Fortunately, posterity was responsible for putting Wuthering Heights and Emily Bronte where they deserved, even though poor Emily couldn’t see them in life. His phrases are perfect for feeling simple and getting away from emotions. Without a doubt, Emily and her sisters are great literary figures, as savage as the swamps in which they lived, these are some of their phrases: If it is true that I have killed you, haunt me. He makes sure that the victim is chasing his killer…well, I love the ground he steps on and the air he breathes and everything he touches and what he says. I love the way he looks and acts, I love everything about him from top to bottom. That’s it! … What kind of love is yours that you can’t resist a blizzard?

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our language. Prefix – It works like all other prefixes, and is written with the next word, according to the latest edition of the Ortografía de la lengua española.

There are exceptions: it is written with a hyphen when the word after it begins with a capital letter or is followed by a number, and it is with a space when it affects a polysyllabic rule.

It should also be remembered that extra has an adjective function in constructions such as extra pay and extra hour, so it is recommended to use the plural in both words: extra pay, extra hours.

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