‘Better late than never’: Anaya holds AMLO meeting with Biden and Trudeau

Ricardo Anaya held the last meeting between the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) with his counterparts from the United States, Joe Biden, and from Canada, Justin Trudeau, in Washington.

Annaya, a former presidential candidate, confirmed that this type of meeting is very important for strengthening bilateral relations, “The problem is that Lopez Obrador only took half a six-year period to make it happen.”, although he indicated that “Better late than never”.

We have to take advantage of the fact that we are “in an advantageous position.”

Anaya Curtis argued that the world is changing rapidly and that our future is heading upward, “Accelerating our integration with the world’s largest economy”.

“The data is eloquent: in almost all of the United States, the minimum wage is equivalent to about 1,600 pesos a day. We have to turn there. The way is not to imitate Cuba or Venezuela, countries condemned to poverty by unrepresentable governments. On the contrary The millions of Mexican immigrants in the United States deserve our admiration and all of our support.”

PAN noted that Mexico has trade agreements with 46 countries, so we give our region an ideal starting point for the export of finished products.

“By having three thousand kilometers from the border with the United States, we can provide them with supplies that are stuck today in ships coming from afar that cannot be unloaded in Pacific ports. Just see how the port of Los Angeles is.”

Ricardo Anaya emphasized that we have to take advantage of the fact that we are “in an advantageous position” To attract value chains that wish to leave China to move closer to the United States, thus shortening delivery times and reducing the impact on the environment.

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“So, if we take the opportunity to improve our education system, to train our workers better, and to graduate more engineers from our universities, if we invest in better infrastructure — in ports, airports, highways and high-speed internet — then the future is ours,” he said.

However, he cautioned that on the contrary, what is required is what is required “Reduce all our future possibilities”We only have to do one thing. Make electricity expensive, dirty and inaccessible.

“If what we want is to turn our backs on this bright future, it is by agreeing to electrical repairs in Bartlett and López Obrador. Therefore, he strongly advocates not to make this mistake,” he said.

Anaya Curtis insisted Mexico We have everything to move on, but to make it happen, “We have to start looking to the future and forgetting to go back to the past. There is a winning Mexico that we can all be a part of. Let’s make the country as big as our dreams.”



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