Betis launches sports project in the UK

Real Betis and its foundation launched their sixth sports project with Betis Campus London. A company that joins countries such as the United States, Iraq, Algeria, China, Mexico and Zimbabwe. Betty’s Campus London Expanding his brand and methodology around the world, educating through football and conveying the values ​​of the organization is part of the club’s strategic plan.

green and white entity It will start at the end of December Betis Camps London’s activity to develop grassroots football in the region by applying club methodology. This project will be coordinated by Juan Barra, Responsible for the sports field of the Real Betis Balompié Foundation and will be provided by the Technical Club to oversee this methodology.

Betty’s Campus London Children from 5 to 16 years old are welcome Who will improve their footballing abilities while on campus under the coach of the club who will travel to the UK. During this agreement, three Betis camps will take place, the first of which will be from December 27-30.

In addition to the campus itself, trips to Seville will also be organized – sanitary conditions permitting – so that participating boys and girls can enjoy Betis VIP experiences through the Behind The Scenes programme.

Betis Camps London will be launched by Turnstyles Academy Collection. “For us, it is very important that we join forces with Real Madrid Betis to implement this project. We decided to create Verdiblanco because it is well known in England and has many fans,” said Nathan Jr. Inoue, Executive Director of Turnstyles Academy.

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“We continue to generate interest beyond our borders We take our values ​​and colors around the world through the methodology of Real Betis Balompié youth teams”, says Ramon Alarcón, General Manager Business at Real Betis Balompié.

For his part, Juan Barra, Head of the Sports Area of ​​the Real Betis Foundation, highlighted the importance of this project from a sporting point of view, by improving the footballing qualities of the players, and from a social point of view. . “Projects like this show that Real Betis club and its foundation are working so that young people from all over the world can enjoy Betis and the sport and its values ​​around the world,” he explains.

Betis Academy

Betis Academy is the international sports project developed by Real Betis and its foundation. Its headquarters in Zimbabwe premiered last season and was renovated again this year. The Betis Academy is also being developed in Algeria, Iraq and Mexico. In addition, various campuses have been set up all over the world: the United States, Mexico, Morocco or China, among others. The Real Betis Foundation has been working for years with the smallest city of Seville with its football school, and since last season it has also set up academies in several municipalities in the province and Andalusia.

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