Bethesda is adding its blacklist to one of the most popular streamers in the world

Often times, studios that create games will give away early access keys so players can access the games streamers Why Create content and showcase the product before the official launch. We recently saw this in the case of “Starfield”, where on the day of its debut many YouTubers and Internet celebrities had the opportunity to enjoy the role-playing game. But among these are public figures Dr. Disrespectful The prequel was rejected by Bethesda.

The famous Streamer It was rejected by the creator of “Starfield”, with the developer studio stating that “There is no way for us to work with Dr. Disrespect due to past controversiesThe player and content creator claims that he reached out to Bethesda to access the game at the same time as several teammates, but his request was denied. In exact words, Disrespect commented as follows:

“Our team reached out to Bethesda, ‘Can we work with you?’ They said, ‘Due to past disagreements, there is no way for us to work with Dr. DisRespect.” What if they let me play the game when others are playing it?? How about that?”

Without a doubt, Bethesda would have its reasons for not collaborating with the popular streamer, one of the biggest streaming platforms on Twitch. Although they did not give many details, they did deny his request for an early access key to “Starfield.” However, Disrespect did not want to try out the title and stream the RPG game on its channel.

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during Your live broadcast While playing “Starfield”, Disrespect visited the Twitter profile Pete Hineseditor-in-chief of Bethesda, W Comment on the CEO’s account descriptionwhere he defines his own pronouns.

“He/He. I get it! It’s okay. It all makes sense now. It all makes sense now. I get it.”

If Disrespect’s intention is to get early access keys to Bethesda titles, this visit to executives’ profiles and the comments they made could make their plans more difficult. Bethesda, the developer of Skyrim, may be less inclined to cooperate with him after these events.

This does not mean that Streamer I can’t play Bethesda titles. Although you won’t receive early access keys from the company, you can still purchase a copy like any other player and gain access to the release on release day.

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