Best Spanish Animated Film

What is the best Spanish movie in your opinion? Of course there is plenty to choose from, even if we focus only on international awardees. If it’s for confession, it might come to your head Some titles of Almodóvar, Amenábar or Bayonnebut none of his projects are best appreciated by the public.

in this time viewer rating Criticism is just as important, especially when it comes to superhero movies. And thanks to websites like IMDB, we can know what the audience thinks of each of the films released in each country.

rave reviews Create a map using these ratings to find the best movie from every country in the world, and it turns out thatFor the best Spanish film, so far, is the animation that He was nominated for an Oscar and What you can find on netflix. Did you ring a bell?

We are talking about Klaus, The film is directed, written and produced by Sergio Pablos which won the BAFTA Award for Best Animated Feature in 2020, won 7 Annie Awards for which it was nominated, and also received an Oscar nomination in 2020.

Klaus that it, According to the audienceThe best spanish movie Which we can see with a score of 8.1. But not only that, As critics say, Which gave it a 94% approval rating, that’s nothing.

Inspired by the legend of Santa Claus, the film tells the story of Jesper, a young man who is sent by his father to a remote village in the Arctic Circle with a mission to deliver 6,000 letters a year that, if he doesn’t, will you leave behind trouble? Messages are not sent in the city because the clans that inhabit it are rivals.

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However, with the help of a carpenter named Klaus who makes toys in his cabin, and Alpha, a former teacher, Jesper takes over the mail and will change the city forever.

The best films from other countries

within the American continent, life sentence Still the best movie United StateWhile The secret is in their eyes He is the best Argentine production.

As for Europe, Untouchable It’s the best in France, in the UK Final trick s The possible life of Mr. Nobody It is the best Belgian movie.

Parasites It’s the best korean movie And, perhaps to the surprise of many, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Kingis the best tape of New ZealandIn addition to filming there and that its director is New Zealand, it is officially one of the production countries along with the United States and Germany.

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