Best Empowering Companies aims to highlight the companies most committed to developing their teams

Best Empowering Companies aims to highlight the companies most committed to developing their teams

My businessAnd An HR management software company, has awarded Top Empowering Company Awards to ten of its outstanding clients who have demonstrated an exceptional focus on empowering and growing teams within organizations.

As a company committed to making HR a vehicle for personal development, Factorial wanted to recognize those companies that have benefited from the platform’s time, financial and talent management tools. Not only have these companies been able to digitize and automate their processes, but they have also promoted people growth and development as a priority goal.

With a team of over 1,000 people from 45 nationalities, Factorial continues to move forward with a clear goal: to help its clients achieve success in managing their human resources. According to Jordi Romero, CEO of Factorial: “What we experience at Factorial is exactly what we want to see in our clients and their teams: growth. In talent, productivity, motivation, and appreciation. Always betting on people.”

Recognition that goes beyond digitization

To give this recognition, Factorial has created the Top Empowering Company seal, the first seal created for HR software that recognizes companies that go above and beyond in using these tools. The main goal is to highlight and recognize companies that really invest in people, while enhancing recognition and attracting talent.

This seal recognizes ten companies, selected from more than 8,000 working clients who have distinguished themselves as follows:

Go beyond digitization, using technology to drive business growth and people’s personal growth.

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Prioritize transparency, accessibility and usefulness of data, and promote access to information needed to excel in roles in a fast, efficient and centralized manner.

Encouraging progress and learning, motivating people to achieve their goals and recognizing their achievements.

Provide continuous feedback on the programme, contribute to its continuous improvement and design personalized solutions.

Maintain a special relationship of cooperation and trust with Factorial, being a benchmark for the user community.

Companies that have received the Top Empowering Company seal are Cristina Lavarez (Spain); Hugotech (UK); Yumali (United States); iBrowse (Brazil); Colby (Argentina); JIT Group Lda (Portugal); Banca Adeixa (Italy); University (France); GIG Management GmbH (Germany); Chi Hostels (Mexico). The award ceremony took place during Factorial’s recent BEYOND FACTS event.

Transforming the way we understand and manage talent

Factorial, under its new Where People Grow brand positioning, is dedicated to providing effective tools and seeks to inspire other companies to adopt practices that enhance personal and professional growth, and foster a more inclusive, empowering, and people-centered work environment.

This Top Empowering Company seal not only recognizes companies that go above and beyond in the use of HR tools, but it also represents a commitment to Factorial’s core values. The company seeks to foster a significant change in the way organizations manage their human resources, creating a real impact on people’s lives.

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