Benicassim Rototom unveils post-pandemic release poster

The iconic lion roar giving a paw to the International Reggae Festival Rototom Sun Splash Refer to the Bani Qasiminvolving the global experience that, along with the music, represents release after release landing competition.

Two years of silence imposed by the now-sanitary state – 16-22 August 2022 – has been broken with nearly 80 artists from 20 countries building and completing a “fantastic poster for an amazing release”, as del Rototom director, Filippo Giunta predicts. He says that waiting led to the failure to “betray” neither the event’s formula nor its philosophy. Nor the expectations of the public, which has so far exceeded 50 nationalities, “which gave us confidence until the time comes.” And everything, in order to “be able to have a festival like Rototom,” assures Giunta.

And here, strictly musically, the take-off begins. does it with spear burning Winston Rodney, the once-in-a-lifetime Jamaican reggae singer par excellence, fuels his long-awaited return to the stage with remarkably promising roots. Because yes, the label goes (a lot) through the more obscure reggae roots that Spear himself represents, along with other main dishes of the genre such as Luciano, Black Uhuru, Abyssinians, Max Romeo, Clinton Veron or Sly Dunbar and the Revolutionaries; But it also branched out toward current Marley Mountain reggae (Damien Jr. Jung and Julian), Morgan or Porsche heritage; Passes through the opening to the afropets directed by David and a diverse musical group, such as the festival itself, where ska (Skatalites), describe (OBFdance hall (Sean Paul), Hip Hop (Bad Rodriguez) or cumbia (No Dam Blanche). And no tribute to the reggae legends who shut down their voices during the pandemic.

Thus, this “parade of stars” at Rototom 2022 will directly see the return of Burning Spear, one of the most influential reggae artists, a living legend of the genre, deservedly placed on the Jamaican music platform alongside Bob Marley and Dennis Brown. Benicacem’s show will be exclusively in Spain. In 2016, he announced his retirement, and few expected that they would be able to enjoy his live show. The reunion of Burning Spear with the audience staged in the Rototom defines the uniqueness of the edition. It’s a hopeful breath of fresh air that bounces off the kind of unexpected twists, but is strengthened by persistence, able to turn things around, leading to a major social music event like Sunsplash. “We have many illusions. The commitment to the lineup was very strong, and the musical score is the best basis for the rest of the Rototom experience that we can provide,” adds Giunta.

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Marley dynasty

The silence was broken. Leonin’s root roar occupies positions. Breed advocates MarleyBob’s kids Damien Jr. mahjong marley s Julian Marley (Next to uprising), the only England-born member of the clan who remained loyal to his father’s commitment to the roots of basic reggae, joined this version of the reunion. On it also turns David, the founders of Afrobites, who guides the festival in this musical immersion “From Nigeria to the World”. dancer. Much. and stirring. As well as infectious sound suggestion Sean Paul. The artist from Kingston, one of the most popular choreographers, has achieved international success unheard of since Bob Marley.

Italian bruziLoyal to the festival since its inception; Along with the eclectic reggae music of multiple Jamaican Grammy winners Morgan’s Legacy, give way to the roots walk. The star has an unmistakable voice and fiery protest words Max Romeo (and Sharmax Band); Rastana Messenger Luciano; ancient warrior Black Uhuru (“Freedom”, in Swahili), promoters of changing the sound of reggae roots, first in Rototom; Ethiopia s Clinton fearformer guitarist and co-vocalist of The Gladiators, accompanied by the band redim source.

Damien Marley will be at the site of the Benicassim Festival. Mediterranean sea

Greetings from recently deceased reggae legends also feature in the bill. Sly Dunbar and the Rebels It will present an exclusive show, with one date in Europe, dedicated to Ruby Shakespeare, the other half of Sly & Robbie, who died in December, and to Tabby & Bunny, of the harmonious trio of Mighty Diamonds, who died this year. In its 2022 edition, Rototom Sunsplash presents a one-of-a-kind show, featuring partner Robbie Sly Dunbar, accompanied by members of the legendary studio group The Revolutionaries. On drums, Sly will be surrounded by famous musicians from the Channel One studio and the naming taxi era: Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith on lead guitar, Rad ‘Dougie’ Bryan on rhythm guitar, Lloyd Parks on bass, Franklyn ‘Bubbler’ Waul and Lenky Marsden on keyboards, Dean Frazer on saxophone, and Everol ‘Sting’ Wray on trumpet, along with Taxi Gang’s Peter Gayle on vocals. “he is Dream Team. A unique opportunity to see the best Jamaican musicians on the same stage,” they point out from the organization

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In 2020, the Jamaican music scene also lost Frederic Tots-Hebert, ska songwriter, rocksteady and reggae era, number one record single in Jamaica and a major figure in Caribbean island pop culture. His former band, which includes original Maytals studio musicians such as Jackie Jackson and Paul Douglas, will pay homage to their leader under their new name. Obesa. I will have a Rototom Remember totscelebrating Toots’ extraordinary career, one of the release’s highlights.

Rhythmic Sunsplash fan vibrates Skatalites, with a new generation of virtuoso musicians at the helm of a group that preserves the original name of SKA’s best emitters of the early 1960s and a cornerstone of this style. Contributing to this vocal diversity is also Natiruts, promoters of modern reggae and mass phenomenon in Brazil; In addition to another of the most awaited artists: the Malian Ivorian Fatumata Diwaraable to successfully combine traditional Malian instruments with the spirit and balance of classic jazz legends of the 20th century such as Nina Simone.

Bad Rodriguez

Highlights Escape from the strict canons of reggae Bad Rodriguez, one of the most important names in Spanish rap who, in his leap to the Rototom label, reveals the growing global conversation between reggae and dancehall with hip-hop and its associated forms. Hip-hop is also the sound compass for the French duo Lantorloopone of the pioneers of the festival’s musical opening, where reggae returns with hip-hop and pop flavors from the Navarese duo. Iseo & Dodosound.

French sound system and production studio OBF. , who specializes in Jamaican-influenced avant-garde music with nods to the strongest UK-inspired dubbing and classic ballroom, will bring a special and different show to Rototom 2022, along with Belen Natalie, Sr. Wilson, Charlie B. s Junior Roy.

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Young Jamaican artist, actress of the new reggae music scene Hempress sativa; united africaCelebrating its fortieth anniversary; Italian tandem – Madrid who formed it Mellow Mood introduced Emeterians; He is also from Madrid Murudu Next to Okoume Lions, Or the party that Barcelona encouraged The Paradise Balkan Orchestrawhich you will wear Tribade, Maruja Lemon, and Travis Birds, They will also pulse with the 2022 edition.

The purely dubbing scene will subside, with a nod to the roots, on the largest track dedicated to the genre on the peninsula, shown under 24 mixed scoops of GreenLight and Watts Attack, with artists like British trio Aba Shanti-I, Channel One or Iration Steppas.

In the Dancehall area, Rototom confirms references from this style: Jamaicans jazzy s Freddy Krueger; a Shawnee BDand BBC 1Extra, English fire and collective youth party From the UK and the Germans warrior voice s Jugglerz; Along with emerging nouns like Spanish Alice DJ or Ugandan rattigan era. Jamaicans red codethe winners of the latest World Clash game, along with opening on Grime and hip hop with the English artist Mrs. Leshore; Live lessons for an international dance group – with special participation from Erie Queen– Or the twentieth anniversary of the people of Madrid unit sound Encourage this huge musical proposal for the 2022 edition.

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