Benefits in salary and recognition

the Create A1+ category became a priority for Doctors from Spainwho consider themselves in need A specific group frames your career. For doctors, the demands and duration of their studies, coupled with their responsibilities, constitute compelling reasons to leave “Outer” group A1to which they currently belong. One question that may arise regarding this reclassification is: What benefits can it bring? Doctors have to be A+. Sheila GusteauVice President of the Association of Doctors and Higher Graduates of Madrid (AMETS) and Technical Secretary of the National MIR Section of CESM (State Confederation of Medical Unions), resolves these doubts to Medical writing.

As Justo explains, creation and Merging doctors into the A1+ categorymay mean a A “significant” improvement in salaries Of these professionals. “It's about A Superior degree Where we are now, so there will be Wage equationClearly. This is needed at this time, because developing our skills is very difficult.

How much will the medical salary improve if they join A1+?

The truth is that at the moment it is not possible to know How much will salaries improve? of doctors if they begin to belong to a higher category than the one in which they are currently competing. “It needs to be established,” says Justo. “I hope this takes into account that Our required training is three times higher To what is required in A1,” he comments, referring to the fact of this Doctors need 11 or 12 years of training To enter as part of the public servants in National Health System (SNS).

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He claims that “this demand must be translated economically.” “In other countries from European Union Doctors are Earn four or five times more What is earned in Spain? That's why we have it Such an important migration of doctorsBecause recognition occurs in the rest of the European Union countries, Justo says.

Job requirements for doctors in the A1+ category

the Job requirements for doctorsIf this new class is created, they will be The same as they have today. As Justo makes clear, there will be no change, neither for better nor for worse. “At the operational level The doctor already has an essential role. “Without a doctor there is no doctor-patient relationship,” comments AMITS Vice President.

next to, Administrative positions will be filled by doctors The same way it is done in Category A1, to which they now belong. “It would mean job recognition, however Without changes in the performance of structures. “Doctors will continue to lead administrative positions, because they are the knowledge managers of the system,” he adds.

This reclassification It will also not help in qualifying for senior management positions, nor in obtaining more points in the health OPES.. “It directly affects salaries, basic salaries, three-year terms, additional pay. But with regard to OPES and the like, we will start from the same position,” says Justo.

Recognition of the profession, one of the benefits

For Gusteau, this is very important to keep in mind The future of healthcare 'depends on doctors'For this reason, it is essential that they recover The “social status” of the profession. “If we do not recover it through an equation in which we are recognized in a category according to the degree of our qualifications, it is difficult to be able to Keep professionals in SNS“.

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for this reason, Recognition is one of the benefits This is what the person responsible for CESM also points out, because it means improvement in the medical profession, as well as Enhance skills and defending the interests of professionals “who have been greatly affected in recent years.”

Moreover, for Justo, Poor working conditions and salaries of doctors Compared to other European countries, “it leaves a lot of marks” and this reclassification means “a form of… Attract talent “Who left the regime in recent years.”

“We are in the clear Poor situation compared to other European countriesWe must start by recognizing the medical profession in the administrative group it meets, and we must too It has specific regulations from the doctor“Because the job situation of this profession is so different from the rest of the profession,” Gusteau says.

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