Benedict Wong shares photos from the group

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness returns to photography and Benedict Wong shares a behind-the-scenes look.

After events game over, Everything points to what Doctor strange It will be a major character in Stage 4 MCU. The character you played before Benedict Cumberbatch He hit the big screen in 2016 and was introduced The Magician is Supreme To the public. Strange had a great significance in Evil war, Although I eventually vanish with half the universe. The character wasn’t as important all the time game overWhere he was absent but eventually played a major role. Currently, Doctor strange in the multiverse of insanity It is already in progress and will be the key to understanding the multiverse that is already emerging in Marvel Studios. The movie has just restarted recordings and one of its stars Share a picture from the group.

En Doctor Strange, Benedict Wong From life to Wong, partner Stephen Strange. The actor will repeat and share in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness They have already resumed registrations. To celebrate, Wong A. A little kid behind the scenes On location. In the photo posted on InstagramThe actor wears leggings with styling Spider Man He accompanies it with the hashtag # Spiderung. A wardrobe decision you probably don’t have There is no hidden goal. Although it can also be a reference to Spider-Man 3, Which will also introduce the multiverse and will be connected to Doctor Strange.

Marvel Studios production projects

Filming of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness began at the end of 2020 in town from London. But soon they stopped due to The new confinement iIntroduced in the UK. This was confirmed by actress Elizabeth Olsen in January. nail More stringent procedures Because of the difficult situation of the epidemic in the country where they are trying to reduce cases. Although these measures did not affect Television and film production, Disney chose the safer option and brought it up Pause to photograph him in the country. Confinement It is still in effect in the countryBut the studio would have considered it safe to continue filming.

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Strange doctor in the multiverse of insanity se estrena en March 2022Therefore, Marvel Studios will endeavor to end recordings Sooner. Recordings Thor: Love and Thunder That started this month in Australia. This country is one of those that have it Put more control Therefore, the security measures and the possibilities of imprisonment are few. At the same time in United State Output from Spider-Man 3 Several photos in the group have already been leaked. At the moment photography doesn’t seem to have a problem with the pandemic. In the Disney + series section, she continues to make recordings Mrs. Marvel s Hook.

En Doctor Strange in the multiverse of insanity Benedict Cumberbatch It will be Stephen Strange again. After the events of Scarlet Witch and Vision, join too Elizabeth Olsen. Also, they come back Rachel McAdams, Benedict Wong E.Choitel Ejiofor. It was confirmed to Xóchitl Gómez Like America, Chavez. The movie begins March 25, 2022.

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