Benedict Cumberbatch and the monsters behind good and evil

Cumberbatch’s parents are actors, and he learned the experience of being behind the scenes from a young age, watching his mother, Wanda Ventham, stand up on stage and “stop being my mother”. He said he was impressed, “that people were out there in the dark, listening to that narration.”

Like in high school, he “toyed with the idea of ​​being a lawyer”, studied drama at the University of Manchester, and then performed at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. He said that the first six months of his career were unemployed and “a bit desperate”, but little by little he started getting small roles in theater, television and cinema.

In 2010, when the first season of SherlockCumberbatch has been a busy and well-established actor in the UK, but not an international superstar. Then everything changed. “The fame was very dangerous after that,” he said. “For a while this has made me known and I’m grateful for that. But has it taken control of my life? Is that what I’m basically admitting to? I don’t think so anymore.” (Note for fans SherlockCumberbatch did not rule out a future appearance in the role. “We never say never to do it again.”).

Foy, who worked with Cumberbatch before he became famous for it destroyers, a small indie film, said in a phone interview “He’s the epitome of an actor, very old school in the sense that he’s eccentric and eccentric and he just dives into it. He has a passion for acting, craft and process that not all actors have.”

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Campion remembers it, because dog powerHe told the representative: “The problem is that you are as English as you can be. But we will make you an American farmer from 1925.”

Cumberbatch spent months preparing before filming in New Zealand, which began in January 2020, stopped for shutdown halfway through, and resumed three months later. It started with a sketchbook that Campion put together. “It gave me an idea of ​​the film’s sensuality, the erotic nature of some aspects of the character, and its masculinity tinged with an ironic look out of another world,” he said.

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