Benasque Science Center will bring together 80 experts in quantum physics

In a new high-profile conference, the Pedro Pascual de Benasque Science Center will celebrate from July 17 to August 6 the “Quantitative Science: Applications – Quantitative Science: Applications` meeting, which It will bring together 80 theoretical and experimental physicists from 15 countries To share the latest developments in this research field, such as computing and quantum information, simulation, cryptography, measurement, fundamentals, and work hard to develop new ideas.

For three weeks, participants will delve into the world of very small things, such as atoms, which are governed by laws completely different from those that describe our everyday things. They are laws that allow seemingly impossible things, like having an atom in two different places at the same time. In many laboratories around the world, thousands of physicists are investigating and experimenting with these quantum phenomena.

Quantum physics is today Unprecedented resource for new technology generation: From building ultra-accurate atomic clocks or encrypting highly sensitive information in a completely secure way, to the remote but achievable development of a quantum computer capable of performing calculations that are difficult to imagine today.

The conference in Benasques brings together a balanced mix of theoretical physicists and experimenters in various fields ranging from Optical synapses, trapped ions, atomic clusters, QED cavity, NV centers, Quantum dots and circuits, quantum nanoresonators, or (nano) photonics.

The meeting uses a format similar to Aspen and KITP meetings, with a very limited number of formal conversations Allow participants to interact at will. In particular, about 15 eminent scientists – mostly experimenters – were invited to give an introductory lecture each day to encourage discussions. Likewise, participants are encouraged to make use of the excellent facilities of the Benaske Science Center for organizing Discussions, conferences and talks.

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