Belinda And Her Most Honest Confession: ‘I Failed’

Belinda Peregrine in Madrid. (Photo by David Benito/Getty Images)

Written by Gillermina Ortiz-. “I screwed it up.” One simple phrase, one word so honest, with which Belinda describes her media relationship with Christian Nodal for Spanish Vogue.

It’s the first time the singer, actress, and businesswoman has spoken openly about dating and their short commitment after a breakup. He also does not talk much about the reasons that led to the breakup, but rather talks about the regret that he feels for “exposing this topic as I did” in front of the media.

Christian Nodal and Belinda met on ‘No Beat’ when they were both ‘coaches’. In August 2020, they confirmed their engagement through a video on their previous Facebook page. “The unexpected needs no explanations. (…) I hope this propaganda will last us a lifetime, my love.” Of course it is still interesting. After 551 days of relationship (counting nine months of commitment), what the other said (essentially) about their ex is still as attractive as honey to bees.

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Once they publicly admitted their flirtation, Belinda Peregrine, 32, and Christian Nodal, 23, filled their social networks with pictures together, and phrases of love — all deleted after the breakup. Many were surprised when Nodal tattooed Belinda’s blue eyes on his chest, his name near one ear and an arrow on his wrist. She, discreetly the initials of the singer’s name on the wrist next to the heart. What could possibly question the love they swore to each other?

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But you had to prove it. In a more exclusive way, if possible, as announced by the two TV shows Azteca (“Ventaneando” and “Venga la alegría”). “There’s love in the air,” “his eyes twinkle,” “two-moment,” the drivers they interviewed for the first time heard it as an official couple. The questions about why were mainly directed at Belinda, “It’s such a beautiful story, in fact it’s the first time I’ve ever talked in this way in my entire career! It’s something new because I’ve never done anything like this before and I’m like doing it for the first time with someone worthy My heart.

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Unfortunately, the love did not prevail and ended on February 12, 2022. At that time, they both said that they would not give details of the breakup, but the Spanish-Mexican fans needed, and demanded an explanation. The interpreter of “Let Yourself Go” and “In Love You Must Forgive” Matar did not accept complaints and in a tweet (which he also deleted), he asked them to stop because “if the truth of the breakup was known,” Belinda wouldn’t look great in public opinion.

The warning was revealed last May when Nodal, after some comments from his ex-fiancée’s mother, leaked an old conversation in which he asked for money for a dental repair and his parents, also accusing him of ruining his life.

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After nearly two months and the media whirlwind generated by that talk show, the “Sorry” and “Mwindo Slo” singers seem to want to put The last point of this loving chapter of your life. “This is life. You made a wrong choice, which makes it worse. Can you put the word ‘fucked up’ in Vogue? Well, put the word ‘fucked up’. In every way.”

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Advertising, Nodal predicted, appears to last a lifetime.

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