Behind his eyes: This actor also participated in the popular series Game of Thrones

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in the series behind your eyes One of the most recent successes NetflixThere is a character who was also seen in the popular series Game of throneswhich has also been recognized as “the best series of the 21st century”, in the British news site Digital Spy’s ranking of the best series. it’s about Robert Aramayo, who gave life to Rob’s character.

This character, without a doubt, has been central to the history of this short series, not only because he played Adele Ferguson’s best friend, who suffers from night terrors like him, but also because of his “tricks”, life Adele s David as a couple radically changes.

As Aramayo was seen in Game of thrones, where he gave life to a character Addad Star “Ned”K; However, he only participated in four episodes of the sixth season.

It was also part of one of the chapters of the series Mindhunter for the broadcast platform, where he had a role Elmer Wayne Henley Jr..

Who is Robert Aramayo?

He was born on the 7th of November 1992 in Hull, England, United Kingdom. Take part in a movie nocturnal animals. It will be part of the Amazon Prime Video series Lord of the Rings.

Aramayo played William S. Harley, co-founder of Harley-Davidson, on the 2016 Discovery Channel series Harley and Davidsons. In addition, he participated in the series Lewis and Clark And in the cinema empty man الرجلThe Incident at Sparrow Creek Lumberway Eternal Beauty,


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