Behavioral Sciences and Public Policy Unit

the a task From the Behavioral Sciences and Public Policy Unit Promote projects based on human behavior studies to improve people’s quality of life.

The unit deals with various areas of the nation-state, provincial and municipal governments, organizations, and subject matter experts, with the aim of designing measures low cost From implementation and with a high impact on the welfare of society.

It was inaugurated in 2021 by the President of the Argentine nation, Alberto Fernandez, and attended by world leaders in the field, such as Florencia Lopez Poe of the Islamic Development Bank, Cass Sunstein of Harvard Law School and David Halpern of the Behavioral Insights team.

What are behavioral sciences?

It is a group of disciplines that are taught How people make decisions and act. Psychology, neurosciences, economics, social sciences, and law are some of the fields of study that intertwine in an interdisciplinary manner in this new field of applied knowledge.

How do you help design public policies?

Scientific evidence shows that people often do not make decisions rationally, which often threatens our well-being. However, small modifications in the environment can change our behavior to achieve the desired goal, thus improving the lives of individuals and societies.

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application cases

From electricity bills designed to save energy to interventions that succeed in increasing the frequency of organ donation, there are multiple cases of successful cost-effective measures in areas such as transportation, health and wellbeing, economics and finance, energy, environment, sustainability, education, equality, gender and diversity.

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Argentine Network for Behavioral Science and Public Policy

Are you part of any of the disciplines related to the behavioral sciences?

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Projects under implementation

Learn about the initiatives we are working on and which have been selected for funding by the Secretariat of Strategic Affairs.


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