Before 2024, there will be a free trade agreement with Mexico, says the Great Britain group Milenio

After emerging from the worst moments of the Covid pandemic The relationship between Mexico and Great Britain Significant growth is expected, so negotiations are starting to yield results Free Trade Agreement (FTA)Which is expected to be signed between the end of this year and 2024.

In an interview with MillenniumKimmy BadenochThe British government's business and trade minister said that if the FTA negotiations go quickly, the agreement could be reached this year, but if there is any aspect that makes it slower, it will be closed next year.

The official confirmed: “We are in the early stages,” and explained that some of the factors that may delay the agreement are the elections that will be held next year in the two countries.

He pointed out, “What we want is to accelerate negotiations and establish a good relationship with the Mexican government.” Badenoch.

The official visited Mexico last week as part of a working tour during which she held meetings with the head of the Ministry of Economy. Raquel Buenrostroto evaluate the progress made in the Treaty.

Badenoch He stated that one of the goals of achieving the agreement is population, “it is what matters to us, which is to ensure that people have more money, a better lifestyle, and that they engage in this new era, not only in Mexico but also in Mexico.” United kingdom”.

He pointed out that some of the sectors in which there is great growth potential upon signing the free trade agreement are green technologies, as well as the development of finance and banking as well as digital inclusion.

“There will be many opportunities in the future. We are partners and we can contribute to the supply and value chain. We want to contribute there,” he said.

He added that there are many aspects that can already be worked on within the free trade agreement since then Britain It has areas where it is specialized and can also support infrastructure. “Mexico also has its own areas of specialization.”

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Regarding the state of trade between the two countries, the European official stated that activity in a large part of the sectors has already recovered and changes have occurred in other sectors, such as the search for new partner countries, outside China.

Badenoch He stated that there is still a lot to be done in the post-pandemic era, to ensure a resilient economy, as the value chain is changing on a large scale, “and this is something we must understand.”

He stressed that the world has changed a lot after the pandemic, and we can make this leap to find more innovative technologies and the ability to carry out investment activity in new ways of working.

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