Basque FA ‘does not close the door’ to Euskal Selekzioa’s official status

The Basque Football Federation Don’t give up on a goal (achievement) Euskal Selekzioa’s official status Always respecting the current legality “and therefore” does not close the door” for admission to the European Union, European Football Associations and FIFA.

This was confirmed by Entity President Javier Landitain his appearance before Parliament at the request of EH Bildu, whose deputy, Rebeka Ubera, questioned why he had not appealed to Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS for its French acronym) The refusal that UEFA and FIFA gave last year to accept Euskadi, and for steps to be taken in the future.

Landita explained that the union’s legal services concluded that given the statutes of both entities “there is no possibility of success” if a TAS is used because, among other requirements, to be a member, you must be a national association. from A country recognized by most of the United Nations.

The ‘current case law’ was not valid because it was adopted ‘according to previous regulations, which were amended at the request of the Spanish Federation to prevent the Basque Country and Catalonia from entering’ UEFA and FIFA, so Landita understood this in this case. “There are political conditions that do not give potential further income to be transferred to TAS.”

The decision not to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport “does not mean that the process is still open or that this board abandons the objective of Euskal Selekzioa’s official status, always respecting existing legislation.”

In this sense, he clarified that FIFA allows the raising of a New application for admission within one year and that its laws contemplate entry into the territorial federations if they have a mandate from the state entity.

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In 2019, the Basque federation has already considered this possibility but the president of the Spanish federation, Luis RubialesShe told them that “no negotiations will begin in this regard.”

However, Landita considers that “the door to a possible agreement in the future has not been closed” and points out in this sense that the 2019 agreement between the PSOE and the PNV for the inauguration of Pedro Sánchez included “the commitment to open channels of Strengthening the international representation of Ascadian in the sports and cultural sphere.

Of the parliamentary groups, Rebeka Ubera (EH Bildu) noted that there are teams in FIFA and UEFA such as Scotland, Wales and Gibraltar, which are not independent countries, and asked Landita how Parliament can help achieve official status in and Euskal Selekzioa.

The point is that Spain is not the United Kingdom. He lamented the nationalist Aitor Urrutia, who expressed his readiness “to agree to everything that is necessary for the Basque team to have its place on the international stage”.

José Antonio Pastor (PSE) warned that any step towards official status would have to be “agreed, agreed upon and shared”, Carmelo Barrio (PP) noted that the Basque Country is not a country and that football should not be confused with “regionalism”. claims”, and Amaia Martínez (Vox) appreciated the “big role” of Basque players with Spain, “from Pichichi to Unai Simón”.

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