Barcelona: Pico: “The press is controlled by different people who support the Premier League”

JErrard Biko says what he thinks, without going too far, even if it means expressing an opinion even against his club. The Barcelona central defender, in an interview with ‘skybet’, criticized the Superliga affair and reviewed several current affairs in Bara and his affairs, such as the controversy over his audio recordings with Rubiales.

Premier League

“It has become a very political thing here in Spain. The press is controlled by different people who support the Premier League. It’s not like in the UK, where I saw how people were against it. In my opinion, you are destroying football because only the big guys are.” Beneficiaries I don’t think Madrid and Barcelona have played the right way in this. With this opinion I face my team, but I fully understand the position of Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Juventus.. The fan does not think it is the best way to do things. It is clear that the management in the Premier League is the best and in Italy a little worse than in Spain. In Spain it has improved quite a bit compared to the 1990s.”

Audios with Rubiales

“The controversy was a nightmare because here in Spain it’s a cultural issue when you talk about a lot of money. Nobody paid attention to the Super Cup, it was similar to the Community Shield, but the Community Shield was full of people. It proved to be a success. I understand the people who They don’t want it to be played in Saudi Arabia, but I don’t decide, it’s Al-Ittihad. I’ve always said that football and sports openness to countries. In 1966, with Franco, they gave us the 1982 World Cup and Franco was a dictator. We have to give those opportunity people.

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Pique Guardiola – Moenho

“In Spain it was very difficult. I remember the first time he came to the Camp Nou with Madrid, after winning the treble with Inter, it was a blow to reality and he lost 5-0. Every day in the press conferences he was pressing and maybe for Guardiola it was more It had nothing to do with football. At that time it ruined the way we saw football, even the relationship with the players. Mourinho goes to a player and if he says someone hates you, he will kill you. You believe it. I would say hello to Iker ( Casillas) and he didn’t talk to me. We had to do an exercise between the Barcelona and Madrid players to restore relations, come back to the locker room good and win.”

From United to Barcelona

“I asked Ferguson to let me go to Barcelona. I have always appreciated how the players understand. When I arrived in Barcelona they weren’t very good. Ronaldinho and Deco left, Eto’o was about to leave … but we started to remember that before the first Champions League final, Pep gave us a short video of the whole year with our relatives and it helped because we left with enthusiasm. United were about to score in the first few minutes.”


“Messi, by far, was a different player. At that time, we created an environment to win titles and Messi was key. The best player ever for many years. We regretted his passing, both for us and for him. It was great that he stayed to finish his career at Barcelona, ​​but I can To understand what he went through because of the economic situation of the previous presidency and how the club was able to manage it. The fans, for them Messi is like if he was God, it would have been great if he stayed.”

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Puyol’s tale

“Now the relationship with young people is different, after six months they are already the best mates. It is different, not better or worse. I have always told young people that they should enjoy life because in the end they can get hurt… When I arrived, Puyol was not gone. He went to a party before and started going out. People started getting to know him, it’s hard not to recognize him by his hair, and after three days everyone said Puyol was going out, so he didn’t want to go out again. He made a huge impact on me as I think about him.”

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