Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Juventus accuse UEFA and FIFA of monopoly

Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Juventus, The three football clubs that support Super League Europeans, they will accuse UEFA and the FIFA, the two bodies governing supranational football, for violating European Union (EU) competition laws and creating a “monopoly” that, they claim, impedes the creation of competing competitions.

The three clubs that lead the project Super League Take legal action against UEFA and FIFA In an effort to reorganize the way football works in the world, as shown in the documents I have obtained financial times. Victory in this historic state could allow them to have more control over the finances of the competitions they play in.

According to court documents that financial timesAnd A22, a company based in Spain representing clubs Super League, will ask Court of Justice of the European Union To judge whether UEFA Can continue to act as regulator and sanction clubs, in addition to working as a participant and benefit from organizing Champions League oh no European League.

The Super League, which was introduced in April, with the support of Europe’s top clubs (with representatives from the UK, Italy and Spain in attendance) appeared to collapse soon after amid angry protests from fans – particularly from Britons – and the exclusion of various politicians and rulers.

Within days, nine rogue clubs –Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool, City, United, AC Milan, Inter and Atletico– They announced that they were leaving the project while Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Juventus Keep betting on the project.

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According to court documents, Super League accuse the UEFA Until now FIFA from abusing their dominant position. “They maintain and defend a monopolistic position in European football with vigor that goes against competition law,” the A22 documents say.

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