Bad news for the upcoming Nintendo Direct

During the past five years, Nintendo She ran one of her now classic virtual presentations in February. In this way, many are looking forward to the 2024 event. Although there is no official information at the moment, very important details have recently been revealed that may disappoint more than one person, as The next Nintendo Direct will focus on third-party developers.

According to the Nate the Hate podcast, which focuses on covering video game news, the next Nintendo Direct will be a Partners Direct, meaning it will focus entirely on third-party games coming to Switch in the coming months. This means that First-party announcements, such as release date Metroid Prime 4they will not be part of this month's presentation. This is what was said about him:

“I'm going into the first Nintendo Direct of the year with the expectation that it will be a direct partner. “I don't think Nintendo will hold a public Direct show in February, I think they'll do it from third parties instead.”

Of course, at the present time there is no official information from Nintendo to confirm or deny this rumor. Likewise, if the following presentation is a live affiliate program, The possibility that the Big N has a few personal announcements planned has not been ruled out. In this case, we can only wait for more official details to be released.

If the upcoming Nintendo Direct focuses on third-party games, We'll likely see more information about some of the projects companies like Square Enix are working on.. Although there is not much information about it, we know that titles such as Hollow Knight: Silencing, Necrodancer's Rift, Contra: Operation Galuga, Unicorn Overlord More experiences are in development for Switch.

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We can only wait until Nintendo announces the next Direct game. In related topics, This is how Nintendo overcomes the generational shift. Likewise, Nintendo's president spoke about… In the world.

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Editor's note:

While this isn't the offering many would like to see, it's something that will keep the Switch active in the coming months, and there's always the possibility that we'll be surprised with new titles, as well as ports that no one thought were possible. However, I also understand if someone is disappointed not to see more relevant ads.

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