Backward, 3 thousand students at UAZ



Samantha Desiree Bernal Ayala, School Administration Coordinator, reports that there are about 3,000 students of all educational levels who have been left behind during the pandemic period, and who have not resumed their studies at the Autonomous University of Zacatecas (UAZ).

The reasons for students leaving their studies varied, however, during the new admission call for the August-December 2022 academic year for the highest study house, there was a positive response with no less than 13 thousand registrations.

According to the call, the entrance examination was actually held at the upper, secondary and postgraduate levels.

Exams were given on different dates, on June 8 they were given by the Academic Unit of Health Sciences, where historically the most requested was General Medicine. In the same history of social and agricultural sciences.

Likewise, Engineering 1, Art and Culture, Humanities, Administrative and Basic Sciences on June 9 and on June 10 this students who are looking for a place in the preparatory level.

The results will be announced within 20 days, after the corresponding application has been submitted in the respective academic units, as well as on the UAZ page:

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