Back to the classroom with many schools closed for fear of collapse

The alarm was raised when a roof column collapsed at a school in August. Fortunately, the students were on vacation. The government launched a review and identified about fifty schools at high risk of collapse, as they were built with “reinforced cellular” concrete.

This type of material was not only used in school construction, but also in other buildings in the United Kingdom between the 1950s and 1970s, which carries the risk of collapse.

Fifty of the oldest educational centers have been restored, but this has not happened for another hundred, which also represents a serious risk. This is the last one that is closed at the moment.

Circumstances have turned against the government, since it coincided with the beginning of the school year, forcing it, in some cases, to install mobile classrooms to be able to continue studying, and in other cases, it was forced to do so and resort to online lessons, to recall memories of the painful quarantine during the epidemic.

Pressure has mounted on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak as some officials claimed the school maintenance budget was halved in 2021 while he was chancellor, something he denies. The government will bear the costs of repairs. The work can last several weeks.

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