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BStadium starts a new phase after its launch. The the shop Of the sport-related experiences it has completed a €1m funding round, double what it had initially hoped to raise. Investors from some of the major Spanish companies participated in the tour Former players David Villa and Fernando Morientes joined the project as ambassadorsAccording to its founders.

“The pool of experiences has grown a lot and, above all, can be fully developed in both cities and other sports,” he explains to 2Playbook Joaquin Martinez, Founder and CEO. The company is already preparing to incorporate other athletes, although their identities are not disclosed at the moment.

After the tour concluded, it was start He changed his name from Book your Stadium to BStadium. “Now the fans are their own playground,” Martinez highlights. The the shop It will conclude the year with a capital of 500,000 euros and is expected to double its business by 2022 when its international expansion reaches countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany and other countries in Latin America.

It currently already has 16 La Liga clubs linked to its platform. He also partnered with the Royal Spanish Football Federation (Rfef) at Euro 2020, and made the leap in tennis with Cosmos in the Davis Cup. Racquet sports will be one of the centers of growth in 2022, just like motorsports and basketball.

BStadium has raised 1 million euros and is working to integrate more football players into the project

The company’s goal is to become an integral part of the options already offered by clubs. “They are assets and expertise that they have not used, and we will not go into the actions they do for brands and their sponsors, because that is their field; we the shop Purely B2C, for amateurs,” he asserts.

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In fact, one of the lines that is most pressed is the management of fan club trips. “We can offer cheaper deals, as well as new experiences when they travel to another city to see their team,” the manager says. In addition, other sports entities have already approached to run their museums and offer alternative experiences to potential businesses from which no economic profit is obtained.

On the other hand, the platform It will also be introduced to the world of NFTs by Sorare. BStadium will offer its collectible cards on its platform to get them, in addition, it will offer a cryptocurrency payment system to make a leap in the field of tokens and the crypto sector. BStadium currently has 12,500 registered users.

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