Ayato Banner Replay in Genshin Impact: Are Prototypes Worth It?

Replaying the Ayato logo in Genshin Impact allows us to get a Hydro character, and if you’re wondering if it’s worth using our starters on him, here’s everything you need to know about him.

The second phase of the version 4.2 update Genshin Impact Bringing us a replay of Kamisato Ayato. He’s been in the game for over a year, but he hasn’t been able to stand out compared to other Hydro characters like Yelan and Xingqiu.

Also, the game’s metas have changed a lot in the past year, so it’s no surprise that HoYoverse is giving Ayato an upgrade. In addition, Navia will also get an update in version 4.3.

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With so many changes, it’s natural to wonder if it’s worth using the raw software on Ayato.

Don’t worry because this is all you need to know about redisplaying the Ayato banner in Genshin Impact.

Is it worth using archetypes in replaying Ayato’s banner in Genshin Impact?


Yes, Ayato is worth it as he reappears in the second phase of Genshin Impact version 4.2. However, there are several reasons why you should think about it now. The first and main reason why Ayato is good at meta is looks Furina in the game.

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The Hydroarchon has made a significant mark in Genshin Impact and has become the best support unit in the game. Best of all, he can work with many aqua characters, including Ayato.

Furina can greatly increase Ayato’s damage, allowing him to cross the Spiral Abyss with ease. Also, we can team up with Furina, Ayato, Yelan And JanWe will have no problems in overcoming the game’s most difficult content.

Likewise, we can replace Yilan and Gan in this team with Shengqiu And Kokomi If we want. Finally, we can also do without Xingqiu and insert Kazoha He takes his place and takes him to Furina, Ayato, and Kokomi. Come on, we have many options at our disposal.

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If not Furina, we can always use Ayato in Dendro teams like Hyperbloom or Burgeon. If you have a Hyperbloom team, we can choose Ayato, Nahida, Kouki Shinobu And Baichu. If you prefer Burgeon, you can cooperate with Ayato, ThomasNahida and Kokomi.

Finally, there is the standard freezing and evaporating equipment, which also works in Ayato’s case. The massive damage to the area at the end makes it easy to create water moves. Once you combine that with the damage he deals, you have a complete unit on hand.

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