Avril Lavigne’s ‘Sk8er Boi’ Will Be A Movie | music 🎵

Avril Lavigne They broke into the music scene in 2002 with their debut album leave it, which included single hits like Complex the Sk8ter Boythat became pop rock anthems.

in a Sk8er Boy, the Canadian singer told the classic Romeo and Juliet story about two completely different people who weren’t supposed to be together. Now, Lavigne plans to bring this story to life on the big screen, as revealed in The podcast is The Voice .

“Recently, with the[album’s]20th anniversary approaching, a lot of people have asked me to play this song on TV shows so it keeps coming up and people will always refer it to me,” he said. “So I’m going to turn this song into a movie and take it to the next level,” said the Canadian singer.

Lavigne did not explain the project, but did mention the inspiration behind the success. “The skater boy is a fan of the prep girl and she’s just too cool for him,” he said. “But in five years, she’ll feed the baby and she’ll be lonely and wish she had followed her heart and not tried to live up to society’s expectations.”

Sk8er Boy It has been a success, reaching the top ten in more than ten countries, including Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. It has sold more than 1.8 million copies worldwide.

The song also earned a Grammy nomination for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance in the 2003 issue. According to Spin magazine, Sk8er Boy It has the fifth best pop punk chorus of the 21st century.

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head above water, released in 2019, is the artist’s sixth and most recent album. The album was inspired by Lavigne’s battle with Lyme disease as well as the beginning and end of a relationship.

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