Avoid heart attacks by following this type of diet for 60 days

A revealing study conducted by scientists at Stanford University shed light on an effective diet for preventing heart disease, in particular Heart attack. The report, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, highlights how certain dietary habits can make a difference in heart health, challenging some traditional perceptions.

Contrary to popular belief that A Diet Meat-free is the only way to prevent cardiovascular disease, and the study showed that “a vegetarian diet is healthier than eating traditional meat.” The research was based on an analysis of the diet of 22 pairs of twins, with the aim of comparing how heart health interacts with different dietary styles.

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The results indicated, in general, that Diet A vegetarian diet is superior to an omnivorous diet in improving heart health. The three main pillars recommended by scientists for this diet are reducing consumption of saturated fats, increasing intake of dietary fiber, and losing weight.

The study was conducted for 60 days, during which participants were provided with meals consisting of 21 meals of each type. Twins, without cardiovascular history Heart attackThey prepared their own dishes based on a specialist's suggestions during the remaining four weeks. The records collected showed that “a vegetarian diet can improve health in less than two months.”

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Among the benefits identified were lower cholesterol and insulin levels and weight, all of which are directly linked to cardiovascular health. The study focused on twins to minimize social and biological variables during pregnancy DietThus providing more accurate and reliable results.

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Gardner, the doctor responsible for the study at Stanford University, stressed the simplicity of adopting a method Diet Healthy vegetarianism, they stressed that while participants already had low levels, those with higher rates would experience more significant changes.

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