At Atlántico, they opened 4 invitations to science, technology and innovation

the Ministry of Science and the Atlantic Province Present to entrepreneurs, unions and the productive sector the open invitations for this year and next that focus on areas CooperatResearch and social appropriation of CTel and human capital formation.

During the meeting in which 20 representatives from different sectors participated, Governor (e) Atlantico, Miguel VergaraThis biennial investment plan, he said, will allow companies and the department’s productive sector to access important resources to promote development in key Atlantic issues, such as research, innovation and human capital training.

Vergara emphasized that they seek to strengthen the various programs and projects led by the Atlantic Government in matters of innovation, the results of which are shown in business men And companies of all sizes that have found access to resources aim to innovate in processes, products and services and enhance their value chain, affecting economic revitalization and generating more jobs.

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