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According to The Times, the proposal is contained in the report on the new immigration policy that the country will adopt after its exit from the European Union, and which Interior Minister Priti Patel will soon present.

The British newspaper’s report, which cites anonymous sources within the Conservative government, came on the heels of other leaks published last year in which Ascension and Saint Helena, both in the South Atlantic, were mentioned as potential destinations for refugees, and the potential use of ships. And ferries anchored at sea to shelter them.

As demonstrated at the time, these ideas were subsequently dismissed as impractical, although the British Red Cross took the opportunity to warn of the dangerous humanitarian consequences of them.

Asked about the matter on Thursday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman did not categorically deny the speculation, saying only that he would not expect what will be announced in the coming weeks. I just want to point out what Patel and the prime minister have already said about the need to not only reform the battered asylum system but to make sure that people do not make these extremely dangerous crossings through the English Channel, the spokesperson said.

The Chief Minister of Gibraltar, Fabian Picardo, for his part, announced that this issue had never been discussed with any of the authorities of that British-ruled area, and he confirmed that the Head of the Interior in the United Kingdom confirmed that these reports were published by a British newspaper that had no basis.

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Likewise, the Isle of Man’s highest authority, Howard Cowell, dismissed the news in the online version of the Daily Mail, calling it a joke expected by April 1, April Fools’ Day.

According to the newspaper, 8,420 people entered the UK illegally last year after crossing the English Channel in fragile boats.

Refugees detained by immigration authorities are sent to hotels and camps at state expense while their applications are being processed, although there are often complaints about living conditions.

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