Astronaut stranded in outer space for a year sends final message to Earth – teach me about science

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the Space missions They were an essential milestone in human history. From Yuri Gagarin’s famous flight in 1961 to the dramatic landing on Mars, space exploration has been an endless source of inspiration and scientific advancement. the Astronauts They are modern-day heroes embarking on challenging journeys beyond our planet, and their courage and dedication are exemplary. But what happens when these brave explorers venture into space for long periods of time? The modern history of NASA astronauts Frank Rubio It provides us with a unique insight into this extraordinary experience.

Before boarding a spaceship and sailing into space, Astronauts They undergo years of rigorous training and careful preparation. Their training includes learning how to operate spacecraft, perform spacewalks, communicate in microgravity, and handle emergency scenarios. This training process can take years, and only the best are selected to be a part of Space mission.

Once in orbit, Astronauts They encounter an environment very different from that on Earth. They are experimenting MicrogravityWhich means they float instead of walking, which can have profound effects on their bodies, from loss of muscle mass to redistribution of fluids in their systems. They are also exposed to higher levels of radiation than on Earth, which adds an additional element of risk and challenge to their missions.

One of the most wonderful aspects of A.’s life astronaut In space is how long it lasts. the Astronauts They usually spend months in International Space Station (ISS) On missions lasting from four to six months. However, there are some exceptional cases such as: Frank Rubiotook mission lengths to a whole new level.

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Frank Rubioof Latino origin, set an impressive record by spending 371 days in Low Earth orbitSurpassing a NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hey, who previously held the record for 355 days in space. This achievement is a testament to the courage and resilience of its people blondeIn addition to advances in space technology and understanding how the human body adapts to space conditions.

What happened to Rubio?

Story of the Frank Rubio It is a testament to determination and perseverance. Initially, its mission was scheduled to last six months, from September 2022 to March 2023. However, a malfunction occurred in the return ship’s cooling system, Soyuz MS-22leaving him stranded in space with no specific return date.

Hope came when the Russian Space Agency, Roscosmossent the space freighter Soyuz MS-23 In February of this year. This ship, in addition to carrying supplies to International Space StationHe was supposed to come back blonde And end his long stay in space.

During his time in space Frank Rubio I faced physical and mental challenges. At a conference from International Space StationAnd share his experiences with the world. blonde He pointed out that although the physical exhaustion was great, what was more challenging was the psychological aspect and how to stay in touch with other humans from space.

“Having a good team around you is an incredible help. Likewise, keep yourself busy, but not too busy, and find a balance between work and relaxation. blonde.

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When asked if he would have accepted the assignment if it was originally scheduled to last a year, blonde He admitted that he would have had to refuse it due to family problems. Separation from family is one of the most important emotional challenges children face. Astronauts On long missions.

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Story of the Frank Rubio It’s a reminder that space exploration remains an impressive and challenging endeavor. the Astronauts how blonde They are modern pioneers doing dangerous and crucial work to advance our understanding of space and improve the technology that allows us to explore it. His return to Earth September 27th This would mark the end of an amazing achievement and the beginning of his physical recovery.

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