Asobancaria welcomes BTG Pactual Colombia into the national banking system

The Colombian Association of Banking and Financial Entities (Asobancaria) has announced to the public that its board of directors has approved the entry of Actual BTG Colombia to the Federation.

Hernando Jose Gomez, President of Asubankaria.

BTG Pactual Colombia was authorized to establish itself as a bank by Resolution 0349 issued in 2021 by the Financial Supervisory Authority, and recently announced the start of operations with a capital of $120 million.

The parent company of BTG Pactual is one of the most important financial entities in Latin America, with presences in Brazil, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, the United States, the United Kingdom, Portugal and Colombia.

“It is very good to join the association of such an important actor with great international experience as BTG Pactual. The arrival of this class of entities shows the trust that exists in the Colombian financial system”, concluded the President of Asobancaria

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