Arturo Vidal called for the match to be stopped until they review a hand in the area and Roldan did not take a penalty: VAR audios.

VAR VOICE: Vidal calls for a penalty but is not punished

drop Where Bringing new characteristics to world football. One of those rarely seen scenes happened in Triumph Paraguay 2-0 around Chile by America’s Cup. Arturo Vidal He was so certain that an opponent had touched the ball with his hand inside the area, that he asked one of his teammates to throw the ball outside so the referee would go directly to the VAR to check play. However, the result was not what he expected and controversy broke out.

chief judge Willmar Roldan He did not notice any strange situation and only warned that he was “letting himself fall”, in the face of the initial allegations, thinking they were asking for some physical fault. They quickly warned about the VAR: “possible hand they ask”. As a result, they began reviewing photos within the area. “Wilmar Doesn’t Resume”warn him.

“I see potential submission, I don’t see what Arturo is asking for”Colombian Roldan explained to his colleagues in the tech room. His statement was related to the Chilean midfielder A teammate is required to throw the ball outside Although they possessed it because he was convinced it was a hand. The main referee, for the time being, has focused on the conflict between Paraguayan full-back Alberto Espinola and Chilean footballer Enzo Rocco. “They are asking for a possible hand.”Roldan said later.

“No obstacle, possible hand”The Brazilian, who led the video assistant referee, explained Tracy. “Wilmar, send the signal, then.”said Colombian John Ospina, who was a VAR assistant. Meanwhile, Tracy continued to research in detail: “I want to see a possible hand for a 7”. Although Ospina had already issued his sentence: “It seems to me that he plays ball first.”.

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While the booth was deciding whether to call him to watch the screens, Willmar insisted with a “Potential Submission”, the thing his teammates shrugged off: “There’s no control, we’re reviewing a potential hand.” “I don’t see it because I’m aware of the possibility of submission. I don’t see the other thing”Roldan was honest. “I recommend OFR for a potential criminal”Tracy called him back to watch the plays on screen.

Arturo Vidal forced his teammate to throw the ball outside to check the penalty

“When a player with a dispute goes up to the attacker, the player touches the ball with his head and then into the hand of the defender.”, they were separating him from the VAR as the referee approached the screens. “I see the head here, in this shot I see the head,” he warned them before repeating. “Ospina, where’s the hand?” asked a fellow countryman who was at AVAR. “Profession on his head, playing with it, then hitting his hand. Depending on the context of the game, It’s not a penalty because it hits the head first and then the handSoon, Wilmar analyzed. “Perfect Wilmar”, everyone from the technological tool agrees.

“In the 71st minute, a player in white deliberately plays the ball with his head, and then touches his arm. The referee does not monitor the procedure, and the VAR analyzes the situation at different angles and speeds and decides to call the referee for a field review. The referee, who observes the various images and sees that the player deliberately plays the ball with his head and then touches his arm, decides to support his decision.‘, specify the voiceover that Conmebol places in each VAR vote to announce the arbitration award.

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