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Are we on the cusp of a machine invasion? the artificial intelligence He managed to impress us with photography situations that never happened. Case in point, Pope Francis wearing a contemporary tunic or Tom Cruise flanked by his duplicates. These examples show how technology has advanced to the point of creating imaginary representations that appear real.

Do not think that file Amnesty International It is only useful for fooling humans on social media. According to Angelica Chavez Cornejo, Director of the Department of Communication Sciences at the Autonomous University of Peru, it is possible to simplify images and improve their effectiveness and speed through various applications. The benefits range from automatic face and object detection to photorealistic image creation. Let’s see artificial intelligence as an opportunity to enhance our work.”Confirms.

Artificial intelligence applications for your photos

In this context, the expert highlights that whether you are a professional or an amateur photographer, there are many uses in which artificial intelligence can help you create and improve your shots, such as:

  • Automatic image quality improvement: This tool is found in programs such as And And also . Process images, correct blemishes, apply filters and improve the appearance of those photographed.
  • Automate tasks and save time: And also They categorize and organize photos according to criteria such as who is shown or where they were taken.
  • Creating images from scratch: Starting with a blank canvas, you can create an image by telling the program what you want to see. (Created by the same authors of Chat GTP), And They help you in this regard.
  • Focus system: Advancements in artificial intelligence have also reached professional cameras, offering an automatic eye focus system.
  • Long exposure photo optimization: is the state of the application (for iPhone), which helps remove crowds from an image, create rivers of light, and accurately capture falling waterfalls. These types of photos require a long exposure and keeping the camera steady, AI helps make this happen.
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Although the application of artificial intelligence in photography has multiple benefits, we must not forget that they have not yet succeeded in replacing the creativity of the photographer, which is essential for the development and application of originality.

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