Arnold González, Andrés Muñoz and Flavio Ramos are the main attractions of the International Boxing Card presented by Manta on July 17 | Other sports | Sports

The promoter learns that fights have been scheduled at the facilities of the Wyndham Manta Sail Plaza.

The American boxer with Ecuadorean parents Arnold Gonzalez, Mexican Flavio Ramos and citizen Andres Muñoz are the main attractions that will be enjoyed by the promoter’s international boxing card, Capital Boxes, which takes place on July 17 in Manta.

Gonzalez will face Ramos in the welterweight match, as well as Muñoz against compatriot Moises Guagua.

The Capital Box Instagram account reported that matches have been scheduled at the facilities of the Wyndham Manta Sail Plaza.

“Professional boxing for the first time at #mantacitycapitalboxec and windhammantasailplaza brings you the best of world boxing in a single night. from US vs. Flavio Ramos from Mexico, @esneikercorrea_oficial from Venezuela vs. Cristhian Terán and @box from Ecuador. vs. Moisés Guagua”, the promoter posted on her Instagram account.

Gonzalez, who scored 6-0-0, appeared twice on Ecuadorean soil. The first fight took place on September 5, 2020, in Quito, against the nationalist Jordi Mina. The victory went to New York by unanimous decision. And on January 30, 2021 at the Huancavilca de la Fedeguayas, Venezuelan Jeffrey Quintero finished, by crossing story technician in the third round.

In what will be his third fight in the country, this week Gonzalez posted photos to his Instagram stories showing himself training with Filipino superstar Manny Pacquiao, who was already his side. sparring In 2018, in Los Angeles.

Gonzalez had prepared extensively to participate last June in the huge billboard organized by Triller promoter and the main event which was the main event was the lightweight title fight between Teófimo López and George Kambosos Jr. However, the event was canceled because Lopez tested positive for COVID-19.

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It was agreed to a duel of the Americans with Gabriel Gutierrez.

While the tricolor Muñoz, which is cbos. From the National Police, he is preparing in Quito and wants to stage a coup for power against Guagua. (Dr)

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