Ariel Bergamino: In terms of the announced negotiations with China, Turkey and the UK, how much progress has been made? Which

INFO24 talked about what was left of the Mercosur summit held in Uruguay with Ariel Bergamino, political advisor to Tabaré Vázquez, former ambassador to Cuba between 2009 and 2017 and former Undersecretary of State between 2017 and 2020 and current head of the International Affairs Committee. Wide front ties (CARIFA).

As a counterbalance, Bergamino said that this case was implemented in a complex scenario where the block process is “not at its best.” “Integration processes have moments of acceleration, deceleration and stagnation; we must try to overcome this situation,” indicating that Mercosur’s majority partner is in a transitional phase to change the government.

In addition, he considered that the interim presidency assumed by Uruguay in the second half of this year was “very nice” and “even hesitant”.

Likewise, he emphasized that the summit that took place between Monday and Tuesday in Montevideo “was not the scandal that many had expected, but it was not historic either.”

finally. Three communications were signed in the Merkosurian version. One by States Parties and Associates in the regional bloc where reaffirmation is made on a variety of topics, such as defending the rule of law to preserve the language of indigenous peoples.

Another approved statement refers to the need to confront cybercrime and the third about implementing coordinated policies at Mercosur level to reverse the blow inflicted by the pandemic on the culture sector.

“There was no communication about economic and trade aspects and there was also the traditional press conference that presidents do. This is not the first time that a joint statement has not been issued.”

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He added: “For a broad statement made a few days before the summit by the representatives of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay regarding the stated request of Uruguay to enter the Trans-Pacific Agreement. A brief statement, but of extraordinary harshness.”

In this sense, he made it clear that the National Coordinators, who signed last week’s statement, in which they alerted Uruguay about possible legal implications as a result of its decision to apply for membership, “do not act without higher orders.”

Regarding Uruguay’s position of trying to make Mercosur more flexible, while insisting at the same time on belonging to the bloc and advancing together, Bergamino noted that the government of Luis Lacalle “refers to difficulties in reading reality, a certain lack of maturity, precipitation and immediate acquisition of results to cover other wings of his administration.”

From the announced negotiations with China, from the announced negotiations with Turkey, from the announced negotiations with the United Kingdom, how much progress has been made? no thing “.

He concluded, “This presidential diplomacy, apparently, does not take into account the State Department’s professional staff that bypasses governments.”

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