Argentine referees who made history in the World Cup

Fernando Rapallini and Facundo Tello, actors at Qatar 2022 (Gettyimages)

The Argentine national team He always had a great involvement in World Cup finals, especially from the 1978 World Cup in Argentina, a fact that prompted him to be included among the most competitive teams. Argentine arbitration did not stop harmonizing in these events: White referees have been called upon by FIFA to officiate matches since the birth of the ecumenical competition, in Uruguay 1930..

How many have achieved this distinction? Fourteen field referees and for Qatar 2022 two more will be added: Fernando Rapallini and Facundo Tello. Here, a review of the Argentine representatives who presided over the meetings of the global competitions.

Jose Bartolome Macías I was honored to participate in the first event that was held in Uruguay in 1930: He played in two matches USA 3 – Belgium 0 and USA 3 – Paraguay 0. Then there was participation in a deadlock until Sweden 1958 in the presence of John Brozywho managed France 2 – Scotland 1, and France 6 – West Germany 1. Again we had an inclusion in England 1966 with Roberto Goicochea In leading Hungary 3 – Bulgaria 1 and as assistant to Portugal 3 – Bulgaria 0.

We arrived in Mexico 1970, an edition in which our national team and representative failed Angel Norberto Corriza He began to leave a mark on the leading role of Argentine arbitration in the World Cup. He dominated Mexico 1 – Belgium and Germany 3 – England 2 and was an assistant in the final between Brazil and Italy. Then he returned to Argentina in 1978 and after his retirement became the director of the School of Referees. It was in this tournament that disciplinary cards were born.

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In Germany 1974 he was our delegate Luis Pistarino: He commanded Sweden 2 Yugoslavia 1. He was an assistant in the clash between the Germans.

We come to 1978, a competition for which Argentina was the organizing country. As we indicated, Ángel Norberto Corriza repeated his participation and received the honor of officiating the opening match Federal Germany 0-Poland 0. After that he will retire from refereeing and begin his phase as a manager in the AFA, a task for which he has received worldwide recognition. .

Elizondo, first referee to direct the opening match and the World Cup Final (NA)
Elizondo, first referee to direct the opening match and the World Cup Final (NA)

Spain 1982, Arturo Andrés Iturraldewho was just an assist on Argentina 78 in four matches, led Spain 1 – Honduras 1 and then served as an assistant on Spain 2 – Yugoslavia 1.

In Mexico 1986, Argentina’s last World Cup title, Carlos Esposito He led two matches: the domestic victory 2-1 over Belgium and France 2-Italy 1. In turn, he was an assistant in England 0-Morocco 0 and Spain 3-Algeria 0.

In Italy 1990 Juan Carlos Lostao He played three matches: Costa Rica 1 – Scotland 0, Belgium 1 – Spain 2, Germany 2 – Netherlands 1. In this last match, he had to send off the stars of the moment Rudi Fuller and Frank Rijkaard after 22 minutes of violent behavior that included spitting from the Dutchman.. On his retirement as a referee a few years later, he would be appointed Director of the AFA School of Referee.

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United States 1994 It came with a novelty that the referees were replaced by assistant referees, and the person who was called was the chief judge Francisco La Molina And he lent it Ernest Taibi. your tour? USA 1 – Switzerland 1 and Italy 1 – Mexico 1. In addition, he was the fourth official in the final match.

for France 1998 I travelled Javier Castrelliaccompanied by the assistant referee Claudio Rossi. He led Denmark 1 – Saudi Arabia 0 and Croatia 1 – Romania 0. His teammate accompanied him in the two matches and also played in two other matches.

Angel Sanchez went to Korea and Japan 2002He only led South Africa 1 – Slovenia 0 and South Korea 1 – Portugal 0 in the first round, a duel that ended with the exclusion of the Portuguese, and ended with the expulsion of Joao Bentos in the 27th minute (after showing him the red card he received a blow from the expelled) and Beto for a double yellow kick in the minute 65. He was the assistant at that World Cup Jorge Ratalinowho worked in five matches and only one with his compatriot.

For the second time, an Argentine referee was given the privilege to open the tournament in Germany 2006And the Horace ElizondoAccompanied by assistants Dario Garcia s Rodolfo OteroHe was in the opening match: Germany 4 – Costa Rica 2. Then he had the honor of becoming the first referee to start the World Cup, and then he was in charge of the final match in which Italy beat France. Quite a confession.

Four years later 2010 World Cup Played in South Africa and were representatives of Argentina Hector Baldassi and his assistants Ricardo Casas and Hernan Maidana. They started with Serbia – Ghana, followed the Netherlands – Japan, Switzerland – Honduras and in the Round of 16 led Spain – Portugal.

Argentine Nestor Pitana was in Brazil 2014 and Russia 2018 (Getty Images)
Argentine Nestor Pitana was in Brazil 2014 and Russia 2018 (Getty Images)

Nestor Bettanawith those present Juan Pablo Pilati and Hector Maidanaarrived in Brazil 2014, where the DAG technology (to detect whether the ball crossed the goal line or not) began to be used. Russia 5 – Saudi Arabia 0, USA 2 – Portugal 2, Honduras 0 – Switzerland 3 and France 0 – Germany 1 were the duels in which they participated.

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At Russia 2018, Nestor Pitana repeated with his team. As happened with Elizondo in 2006, they were in the opening match (Russia 5 – Saudi Arabia 0) and in the final match between France 4 – Croatia 2. They finished the tournament for the second time without any expelled players. In this edition the use of VAR was opened.

In Qatar 2022 there will be seven Argentinian referees: they are invited to participate Fernando Rapallini and Facundo Tello as field judges. Attendees: Juan Pablo Pilati, Yamil Bonfa, Gabriel Chad and Ezequiel Brailovsky. Like VAR, Mauro Vigliano.

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