Argentina: There may not be a stroke of forgetting – Juventud Ribeldi

Bonus Iris, 23 March. – Argentine President Alberto Fernandez awarded the Joanna Azurdui Prize this Tuesday to iconic women of mothers and grandmothers at the Plaza de Mayo, in a ceremony calling for memory, truth and justice.

PL reports in a report that on the eve of the forty-fifth anniversary of the 1976 coup, which left more than 30,000 detainees disappeared, the President honored those women who came without fear in the midst of one of the bloodiest dictatorships. They go out to fight to find out where their children are.

Fernandez recognized the struggle of human rights defenders Tati Almeida, President of Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo Linea Fundadora; Estella de Carlotto, bearer of the Plaza de Mayo Grandmothers; Lita Boitano is one of the relatives of the disappeared and detained for political reasons.

The President recalled that in those tragic years (1976-1983) a group of women challenged themselves in great isolation, driven by love for their children, and for this reason only they were and are formidable.

In the president’s opinion, it was more about recognizing a society with a memory, realizing that in the midst of the Argentine tragedy they had the courage that society lacked.

The head of state addressed these young people who had grown up under democracy and asked them to remember that bloody time when the violations were not only ideological, but also the lives of innocent people who only paid their money to think differently.

Tati Almeida gifted the award to her son and the 30,000 disappeared, and indicated that this year they will remember history by planting trees as a symbolic gesture to sow life and memory.

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For her part, Estela de Carlotto indicated that they are a very sad part of Argentina’s history and called on us to put differences aside and work for unity,
Because all Argentines, he said, are in the same country.

Meanwhile, Lita Poitano stressed that the perseverance of mothers and grandmothers made each one fight as best they could from the start, and spoke out because events like the events of 1976 were never repeated in Argentina.

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