Argentina sent donations to Vanuatu after natural disasters

According to an official statement, Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero ordered the transfer of water purification tablets to the island country through the Argentine Agency for International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid the White Helmets.

The shipment is intended to provide support to that Pacific nation which declared a state of emergency in March and requested assistance, the text indicates.

The devastation wrought by Judy – which left much of the capital, Port Vila, without electricity and caused an exodus of its residents towards evacuation centers – was compounded by Cyclone Kevin II, which made landfall in the southern province of Tavia. In addition, two earthquakes occurred on the coast of the island of Espiritu Santo, he said.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Argentina is one of the few countries that produces water purification tablets, which are essential for populations affected by social and natural phenomena.

The shipment brought to Vanuatu will make it possible to make one million liters of water potable, a major entry point for an archipelago that, according to the latest reports issued by the United Nations, is the territory most at risk of disasters in the world, the statement said.

According to the local authorities, the Argentine aid will go to two cities that are still suffering from the repercussions of what happened, which are Al-Shifa and Al-Tafiyah.

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