Argentina reaffirms at the G20 its position on global access to vaccines – Prensa Latina

Speaking at the G20 Trade and Investment Ministers’ session held in Sorrento, Italy, the Argentine minister stressed that the pandemic has severely affected investment flows around the world, and in the context of uncertainty, it is necessary to create an environment of transparency and facilitation of sustainable investments.

Cafiero noted that one of the central elements in the post-pandemic phase is the exchange of information and effective methods to identify sustainable investment opportunities, which stimulate the flow of private capital and technology, and contribute to the economic development of all.

On the other hand, he insisted on equal access to vaccines and treatments to control the virus. The official stressed that we must ensure global access to treatments and vaccines, after noting that Latin America and the Caribbean are far from achieving this goal, and are still unequal.

On the other hand, he stressed the importance of small and medium-sized enterprises, the engine of the Argentine economy, with more than 600,000 of their kind and 65 percent of private formal employment.

In this regard, he said that his country is working to help these companies adopt emerging technologies to improve their processes, products and services, while emphasizing the importance of including small and medium-sized companies in global value chains.

We believe that the G20 should use a sustainable approach for these companies, and consider all the challenges they face, including those related to access to finance and information, said Cafiero, who called for help in enhancing their competitiveness in global markets.

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The G20 trade and foreign ministers discussed concrete proposals to stimulate trade and investment, primarily strategies so that gains from trade and investment flows are more equitably distributed among countries.

Addressing the issue of WTO reform, the Argentine minister stressed the need to achieve a balanced approach to achieve success in efforts for an open, inclusive and equitable trade and investment environment.

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