Argentina intends to resume negotiations with the United Kingdom regarding sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands

On Monday, the Argentine government expressed its “readiness to resume negotiations on sovereignty” over the region Falkland Islands With the United kingdomWith the proposal to “advance a common agenda in areas and topics of common interest.”

Argentina maintains a sovereignty dispute over the Malvinas Islands that resulted in an armed conflict between 2 April and 14 June 1982, which ended in Argentine surrender and the deaths of 649 Argentines, 255 Britons and 3 Malvinas.

On the occasion of celebrating this Monday, Confirmation Day Argentina’s rights to the Malvinas, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands and surrounding maritime spacesThe Argentine authorities reaffirmed their conviction in the sovereign rights of a region considered “an integral part of the national territory.”

The Executive Director, headed by Javier Miley, noted that First interim provision of the Argentine Constitution “It establishes the restoration of the effective exercise” of sovereignty over the Malvinas, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands and their corresponding marine and insular areas, “in accordance with international law and with respect for the way of life of their inhabitants, as a permanent and inalienable property” of the Argentine people.


The Argentine government’s arguments go back to Decree of June 10, 1829 which stipulates that “the Malvinas Islands and the islands adjacent to Cape Horn in the Atlantic Sea shall be governed by a political and military commander immediately appointed by the Government of the Republic” and that a governmental structure be established with responsibility for Louis Vernet, who settled in the islands and publicly exercised his authority and jurisdiction.

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“However, on January 3, 1833, it said that the actual exercise of sovereignty had been interrupted by a peacetime action of force carried out by the United Kingdom, which illegally occupied the islands, expelling the legitimate Argentine authorities there. “The present inhabitants have already been settled,” the Foreign Office said.

“By this usurpation, which took place in times of peace, and which was contrary to the international law of the time, the territorial integrity of Argentina was violated, a situation that was immediately rejected and protested, and which no Argentine government had agreed to in over 191 years,” she added. Memorandum from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Since then, there has been a sovereignty dispute between Argentina and the United Kingdom, recognized by the United Nations General Assembly through Resolution 2065 adopted in 1965, under which The United Nations ordered a peaceful and negotiated solution to the dispute between the two countries.

The Foreign Office stressed that “despite countless calls from Argentina and advice from the United Nations, the United Kingdom systematically refuses to resume negotiations on sovereignty.”

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