Are you looking for a job and are you a Minecraft expert? The video game refers to the design of the garden

United State. – the company WhatShed You may cause a sensation by posting an unimportant offer from Function Focusing on gaming enthusiasts Maine Craft. The purpose is to provide improved spaces for those who are immersed in Video game. For this reason, they are looking for virtual gardeners or gardeners who “provide professional advice to players seeking to improve their outdoor space in the game”.

Hence, it is imperative to point out that WhatShed is a UK landscape and parks consultancy firm. In this context, everything indicates that it is working in a coordinated manner with Mojang Studios, Developer of the popular video game that has sold more than 200 million copies since its launch and will focus on improving the experience of the popular title.

Therefore, it is highlighted that among the requirements, prior knowledge of video game, communication skills, creative ability, and a great passion for gardening are required. In addition, it was determined to be a remote job, so it would not be necessary to reside in the UK, and I would add that outdoor gardening would be desirable for those wishing to apply.

In addition, employees will have to “evaluate a customer’s current configuration, provide creative feedback, submit proposed configurations within budget, and create various layouts for each client”, which defines the vacancy. In addition, it is added that those who are selected will “be paid more than 50 pounds (nearly $ 70) an hour for their services when hired, but will be able to set their own rates and work flexibly.”

Meanwhile, it has not been determined whether the job offer can be extended or if it is just a temporary job. Finally, WhatShed has the premise of introducing its own gardens Maine Craft Through her platform, so it appears her job offer is targeting remote jobs, possibly derived from the pandemic. So this is a unique opportunity that really cannot be missed.

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