Are they from Kong? Adam Wingard is negotiating to direct a new movie, Monsterverse

It seems that Godzilla vs. Kong Finally, the epilogue to the so-called “Monsterverse” will not be that although the film has been identified as the conclusion of the story that began with a tape Godzilla 2014, now since then The Hollywood Reporter They confirm that The legendary will be interested in maintaining this privilege.

THR particularly keeps this legendary “Silently takes steps to extend the chain to one or more parts.” And they had begun to talk to him Adam Wingard, Director Godzilla vs. Kong, Until he can finally lead another movie in that saga.

Hence, although nothing will be certain at the moment, Wingard has several future projects such as the live-action movie of Thunder cats And complement to bodice, Legendary would like the director to continue working with them because he was “very involved in creating the Godzilla vs. Kong pieces, as well as in building the World of the Hollow Earth plot.”

In this sense, although it is still too early to talk about specific deadlines and ideas, there will actually be a title that will come up within Legendary: Son of Kong (“Son of Kong”). But for now, nothing will be final and the company will “come up with a lot of ideas”.

The latest part of “Monsterverse”, Godzilla vs. KongIt premiered last March in the US and not only did it well on HBO Max, but also managed to establish itself as one of the most successful movies since the pandemic began. All this despite the fact that it has not yet reached important markets such as the UK, Japan and Brazil.

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Therefore, developing a new part of this monster universe is not a hasty decision but rather responds to the studio’s interest in preserving the franchise that sparked so much interest in its latest release.

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