Are ‘Blind Spot’ Seasons 1-5 on Netflix?

Blind Spot – Photo: Warner Bros. TV

It’s been a year since the final season of NBC’s Blindspot wrapped its fifth season, but it’s only recently started showing up on Netflix. So, seasons 1-5 of blind spot On Netflix, Where Do You Live? Let’s take an updated look.

The show premiered in 2015 and was one of NBC’s best shows in some time. It averaged 10.8 million viewers in its first season, but eventually dropped dramatically.

The series was created by Martin Gero and eventually aired for exactly 100 episodes on the network. Stars Sullivan Stapleton, Jamie Alexander and Audrey Esparza.

Since the show ended, there has been a lot of speculation about the show returning in some form. The last episode is incredibly mysterious..

Where is the Blindspot on Netflix?

Many regions are now broadcasting Blindspot. Some regions, especially those in Latin America, received new seasons of the show annually beginning in 2016. According to UnogsMexico, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina aired the programme.

In a surprising addition (which could mean more Netflix regions are on the way), Netflix Canada was able to secure streaming rights for the entire show in June 2021.

Will Blindspot be shown on Netflix in the US?

The answer might be, but not yet.

Hulu is currently the homepage to stream to blind spot With the five seasons. Hulu has received the show to catch up and now in full.

As mentioned, the program is distributed by Warner Bros. Television. This means that eventually (a few years after the end based on previous WB TV titles) the rights will appear again.

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Now, you might think HBO Max is the home of any new WB TV show, but that wasn’t always the case (see Offers For example).

Simply put, when the rights come out, it could move to Netflix, but we eventually think it’ll switch from Hulu to HBO Max, but we’ll keep you posted.

Will Blindspot be present in other Netflix regions?

We will touch only two more areas.

Netflix UK does not stream the show, but Sky Witness (and NowTV) seasons 3 to 5 from June 2021.

In Australia, the offer is available exclusively on 7Plus.

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