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The Reconstruction with Changes Authority (ARCC), highlighted the importance of public investment in the country’s economic recovery, driven in large part by agreement between the government United kingdomThanks to this, the public works projects that I implemented were delivered Government up to 2,400 million EGP

The projects implemented by ARCC, in addition to the rapid recovery of public investment in works implemented by subnational governments, allowed a growth of more than 20% compared to the same last year, trebling the levels reached in 2019, the year. Where there was no epidemic.

According to the Multi-Year Macroeconomic Framework (MMM) 2022-2025, published by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), in the first part of this year, public investment contributed to the economic recovery, particularly the recovery of general government, which reached a historic milestone of 17.4 million British Pounds, indicating a growth of 119.3%.

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The document of the Ministry of Economy and Finance states “general initiatives with an important component to bridge the gaps and create job opportunities since the allocation of transport, education, sanitation and health works, including reconstruction projects and the national infrastructure plan.”

According to MMM, it is expected that by 2025, investment in the non-financial public sector will increase by 12.8 billion US dollars compared to estimates in 2021 and will reach 4.7% of GDP by the end of the year. year, a similar figure for 2016 – 2019.

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These figures were largely possible for a government-to-government agreement with the United Kingdom, because thanks to this subscription, there are 26 contracts with companies that will be responsible for carrying out the works with an investment of more than 6000 million Singapore dollars.

Some of ARCC’s work includes 15 hospitals and health centers and 74 educational institutions. Bids are expected for new integrated solutions projects for this second semester of the year, which are in the study phase.

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