Apps that can steal your banking data

Using apps has become very normal nowadays, from QR code scanning and video and photo editors, to more serious and very useful apps like our banking apps.But as always, everything carries risks and malware developers can steal your financial information.

Apps put your banking data at risk.
Apps put your banking data at risk. | Image: Pexels

What apps can steal your banking data?

According to a recent report issued by Zscalera company Cyber ​​security Leader, two applications are infected Anatsa banking trojanalso known as bot.

this Malware It is specifically designed to steal access credentials Banking platforms electronics.

According to the company Cyber ​​securitythe following applications from play store Virus carriers have been identified:

  • PDF reader and file manager: This is a mobile application that allows users to view and manage PDF files on their devices. In addition to reading PDF files, some versions may include additional features such as file organization, highlighting, and document annotations.
  • QR reader and file manager: It is an application designed to allow users to scan QR codes using their mobile phone camera. It also provides additional features, such as the ability to manage and organize files on the device such as documents, photos, videos, etc.

How does the Anatsa Trojan work?

As Zscaler researchers explain, the Anatsa or Teabot banking malware, They are promoted as file management services, editors and translators, among others, so as not to arouse suspicion when downloading and installing.

Once installed They downloaded the malicious code with which they connected to a command and control server to run Anatsa in order to register the infected device for a series of banking applications Who has a list of goals.

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however It was looking to create a fake login page in those banking apps that match the ones on your list. however, victim, thinking they are using a legitimate serviceenter your access credentials, which then fall into the hands of cybercriminals.

Anatsa has been identified in campaigns against banking apps in the US and UK, But from Zscaler they point out that malicious actors have expanded their targets to include applications around the world.

These two applications They are tired Recently from the App Store, after receiving the report about Teabot.

However, despite No longer available in Play Store, it may still be installed on your device. In this case, we recommend deleting it as soon as possible to avoid data theft from your banking applications.

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