Apply for your US Employment Authorization (EAD)

The Employment Authorization Document (EAD), issued by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), has undergone changes in its process. More details on how to apply for a work permit in the United States.

This permit is granted to many immigrants, so that they have the opportunity to work in the country temporarily.

Aliens must apply for an EAD when they have a pending Form I-485 to process permanent residency or change of immigration status.

Immigrants also must request an EAD if they are processing Form I-589, which includes asylum seekers. Additionally, students on F-1 and M-1 visas must request an EAD from USCIS.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agency has clarified that people with a green card do not need an EAD.

Other citizens who have authorization to work without claiming an EAD are those with H-1B, L-1B, O, and P nonimmigrant visas.

The EAD application can be submitted through the USCIS virtual website and this entity will issue the document by postal mail. The institution may also decide to deliver the EAD personally to the beneficiary.

The cost of some services

When applying for work, users will have to go to the digital website and open a personal account for free.

Interested parties will then fill out and pay Form I-765 which costs $410.00. Immigrants must then appear to provide their biometric data and will pay a fee of US$85.00 for this service.

Immigrants who prefer to send a printed paper should make sure that the numbers and information are clear.

If the document arrives with problems at USCIS, this federal agency will cancel the application. The EAD has several categories, and depending on the type of declaration, the document will be valid for between one and two years.

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