Apple will finally update its official accessories for this reason

The arrival of the new iPhone 15 will mean the before and after in many aspects. First of all, the arrival of the USB Type-C connector will make this iPhone the first to adopt a standard connection (at the physical level). But the iPhone is not a product in itself, it has its own ecosystem, worth repeating, within the Apple ecosystem. Thanks to the combination of hardware, software and accessories, this phone has led to the development of many accessories that we can equip it with. People in the cluster will have no choice but to update it.

New leaks continue to emerge about what’s coming at this September’s keynote. And while, regarding the iPhone 15, we know a lot of details, the company’s official accessories seem to be in a dormant state. But now, thanks Pictures leaked on XAnd with the new information released by Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman, we have a very interesting panorama of the future that Apple will have to start working on.

The USB Type C connector is the key to everything

Well, technological change is not additive change, but environmental. The best evidence is that changing the connector, from Lightning to USB type C on the iPhone 15, will not be “just changing one to the other.” The entire ecosystem around it will be affected, and it will have to change with it, if it wants to maintain what it has built so far.

Aside from iPhone hardware and software, Apple has plenty of official accessories compatible with iPhone. Official MagSafe batteries or MagSafe Duo charging docks are some of the most popular Apple accessories when it comes to recharging its devices. Now, if those are using MagSafe, what does that have to do with the USB Type C port?

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If your iPhone came with Lightning until now, then these accessories came with Lightning. And so, using the same cable, everything was connected and charged. Now, if your iPhone has a USB Type-C port, it’s enough to follow the same basic rule.

And in the X, the famous leaker Magin Bu posted pictures of what the new MagSafe battery will look like, but. With the new USB Type C connector. Until now, this magnetic battery had a Lightning port at the bottom to recharge the battery.

All new Apple accessories must follow USB C standards, meaning older models will be updated as well. Here’s a sample MagSafe battery USB C

September 11, 2023 • 22:58

On the other hand, Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman lists another product on this list awaiting an update. in MacRumors They echo his pronouncements: “They’ll have to build a new MagSafe Duo with USB-C.” Additionally, “Apple may update the MagSafe battery pack.” But these two extensions are not the only ones. In the same medium they also reported that “Mark Gurman said Apple will migrate its entire accessory lineup to USB-C next year. “The transition will be relatively quick, just as the transition to the Lightning connector occurred in 2012.”

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