Apple wants to take over the rights to all apple images, but in its path it has a new obstacle: Switzerland

Apple believes that the rights to the apple, even if it is not a bite and is modified according to its traditional logo, should belong to it.

Wired UK discoverer This past April, Apple continued its legal battle in Switzerland to seize the rights to an image with some photorealistic touches and in black and white. This is an extension of the rights that Apple wants to acquire in Switzerland and has been rejected by that country’s intellectual property institute.

The reason is clear: the image in question has no distinctive tags and must therefore be in the public domain.

In fact, the image allegedly registered has nothing to do with the traditional Apple logo. Documented in legal records the picture is as follows:

The first attempt at registration dates back to 2017 and was intended to use the image primarily for digital uses and for audiovisual productions for potential clients. Apple didn’t get what it wanted as the institute felt the image didn’t have a strong enough thematic reference, and as a result, Apple launched an appeal last April.

The problem is escalating quickly. With the appeal, a matter to be resolved in court whose eventual outcome could put organizations and small businesses that already use apples as a brand in trouble. among other things, Wired UK Owns Speaking to the 111-year-old Swiss Fruit Federation, whose director, Jamie Marethoz, said the union was not trying to compete with Apple, but having to change its logo (which is, of course, an apple) would cost millions.

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Apple didn’t invent the apple“, he added.

Apple is often involved in legal battles around the world with the goal of patenting an image of an apple or, as happened with Prepear, to refer to the logos of other fruits for their resemblance to the iconic apple logo.

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