Apple wants to control something impossible, no matter how much money you have

Apple is very concerned about the brand image. Makes sense considering that they are the first company to be valued at three million dollars. But even with a lot of money, there are things that, no matter how hard you try, are physically impossible to control. The truth is, they didn’t just deal with a company in the Alps. But with many others, and The reason is the apple itself. In this post we tell you what happens with all this.

The Apple logo is an apple, but not all apples are the Apple logo.

Fruit Union Suisse is 111 years old and is a fruit producer in that country. your logo? Apple with country flag. And why an apple? Because it is one of the most famous fruits in the region. In this way It caused them to get into a strange conflict with Apple. And this was not done by the Swiss company, but by the Cupertino company.

In the information issued by the magazine Wiredto the Alpine signature «heHe’s worried he might have to change his logo, because Apple handles intellectual property rights On representations of the apple fruit«.

“We have a hard time understanding that, because it’s not that they’re trying to protect their bitten apple. Their goal here is really to have the rights to a real apple, which for us, is something really close to Being universal and should be freely available to everyone.

This is not the first time that Apple has gone to buy apples

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If it was indeed surprising that Apple would claim the logo of an 111-year-old European fruit-producing company, it is even more surprising to know that in 2017 they tried to do something similar, as explained by WIRED. Thus, the American company “filed an application with the Swiss Institute of Intellectual Property requesting intellectual property rights for a realistic black and white representation of an apple variety known as Granny Smith«.

Granny Smith Apple

And what was the result? Well, in the fall of 2022, Apple owns use rights only in certain aspects, most closely related to their activity, regarding the image of the apple they wanted to score. But they make it clear that “public images of public goods, such as apples, are in the public domain.”

If you have an apple, Apple demands it from you

The same medium makes it known that those from Cupertino have done their best, and issue a report on Technical Transparency Project Published in 2022. An example is a case Food cooperative (again Swiss), in which they reached an “out-of-court agreement” in which they promised never to put a picture of a bitten apple in their advertising campaigns. In the image below, you can see some of the logos that Apple has sought, as demonstrated by the Tech Transparency Project.

Defendant apple logos

But you also tried to search for German bike track logo, retailers and manufacturers, A songwriter named Frankie Pineapple (the fruit is a pineapple), and even a food delivery app, whose trademark image was pears!. Pineapples, apples, oranges and pears make up Cupertino’s power struggles, for which there is no official response or statements from the company.

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